10 reasons why you should visit Edinburgh this summer

The past few months have been challenging for all of us. However, with the situation getting better and Scotland opening its borders, we cannot wait to start exploring again!

Is it still worth visiting Edinburgh in 2020? What if most places are closed?  Will I still enjoy my stay? Our answer is: don’t think twice and GO FOR IT! And you won’t regret it. Trust us, we are locals who know how to have a good time. We have explored this city from A to Z and can’t even imagine being anywhere else right now. Still not convinced? Keep reading! I promise you will book a flight when you’re done. There’s 10 reasons why you should be in Edinburgh right now!

Avoid the crowds! We’ve never seen the city so empty before and it is definitely once in a lifetime opportunity to take pictures of empty streets and Edinburgh’s famous sites – the only queue you will wait in this summer will be for the beer gardens 😉

Sunrise on top of Arthur’s Seat – pure magic. There’s not much to add, just set your alarm for 4am (I know, it does sound a bit scary, but trust me – it’s worth it), put your comfy shoes on and off you go!

Visiting Edinburgh in 2020 - CoDE Pod Hostels

Taps aff weather – or so called Scottish summer. We may not have the best climate in the world, but we definitely know how to appreciate sunny days with many outdoor activities Edinburgh has to offer.

Open-air food market is about to open in Stockbridge. With all social-distancing rules in place, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy what Edinburgh’s food scene has to offer.

Visiting Edinburgh in 2020 - CoDE Pod Hostels

Walks, walks and more walks – we can’t get enough of them. Edinburgh is magical and there’s always something special just round the corner – grab a cup of coffee from our cafe and head to explore!

Who doesn’t love drinks in the sun? Head to Leith walk, get your G&T in a plastic cup (not really eco-friendly, we know – but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do) and soak in amazing local atmosphere of our beautiful city.

We’ve got it all – the sea, mountains, rivers, canals… Edinburgh is a unique summer destination, simply because you don’t need to choose between sunbathing on the beach or hiking in the National Park. You can really have it all!

Visiting Edinburgh in 2020 - CoDE Pod Hostels

You cannot miss summer sunsets – they are just unforgettable. Prepare a picnic, head to Calton Hill and you get ready for the show – Edinburgh is a real show-off when it comes to dramatic sunsets.

Visiting Edinburgh in 2020 - CoDE Pod Hostels

And the most important ones…. The CoURT is finally open! We have been waiting for so long to see you our lovely guests and we are over the moon to be reunited with the CoDE family! Let’s not forget about Beer Tastings in our Underground Vaults – our lovely guide Sara simply cannot wait to pop them beers open and tell you all about (scary stories included) our fascinating building and enjoy some Innis&Gunn.

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