5 villages near dublin to explore

We love Dublin more than anyone, we truly do! The only problem is when you are visiting us here in Jacobs Inn Dublin for 2 or 3 days and barely even get to see the city. However, if you’ve been to Dublin before and stayed with us here in Dublin’s top hostel, then we know you got as much in as possible. If you are returning, here are a few places that you won’t find many tourists but you’d definitely enjoy the less hectic and natural side of Dublin and it’s surrounding counties. We’ve handpicked 5 hotspots just for you.
If you can’t find this beautiful haven, we are surprised you even made it to Dublin in the first place. Only a few stops on the train from Connoly train station which is located around the corner from us here in Jacobs Inn Hostel Dublin. You’ll be rewarded with stunning sea side walks, delicious eateries and complete peace compared tot he hustle and bustle of the city centre.
So it’s a little harder to get here but only minutely. Busaras, the main bus station for the country is literally on our doorstep so you have no excuses at all really. Once you get there you will be met with an abundance of trails to choose from. We recommend the Ringfort, Rider looped walk or the majestic walks through the Mullaghmeen Forest.
Dun Laoighre
This is ideal for the Dublin traveller who is a little short on time and wants to take in a breath of fresh air beside the sea. All you need to do is get the train out. You shoudl pay no more than €6 return for the entire journey. You will see many romantic couples strolling along the pier and if you get a chance, you can pop up to the village and grab a snack in Cavistons if you really feel like splashing out.
Again the train will serve you well on this one, the main trainline serves the north and south coast of Co. Dublin. If you have any confusion, the receptionists here in Jacobs Inn Hostel Dublin will sort you out. You have options to stroll through the grouds of Malahide Castle and there are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars to whittle away a few hours in. There are also some sey side walks and a small harbour to let your mind run free.
If you Google this, you might be forgiven for thinking that I’m sending you to a chain of fancy domestic goods stores. It’s in fact a small town in nearby Wicklow that has plenty of walks and trails. Some you can find online for sure but ask the locals to point you in the right direction (even though they might point you in the wrong one). It’s a funny little town, with humerous people although it is definitely one of the harder locations to get to out of the 5 mentioned here in this blog.
Happy trails.

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