How can vegans make their travel & hostel stay comfortable?

Vegan traveller’s anxiety

When you have packed your bags and are ready for your journey to your dream destination, you will be excited about the locals, the hostel, all the great adventures and activities you have planned to do. Travelling, in fact, has been easier for the most part, especially with finding cheaper flights and accommodation and choosing your favourite spot for a holiday. But, for some, there is one hurdle – their diet. If you are a vegan, then you are certain to have the jitters of ‘vegan travel’. For instance, you might just be worried if you would get vegan meals for your complimentary breakfast at the hostel. Well, don’t worry! Let’s look at a few tips from that might just do the trick for you to give you that perfect trip you are looking for if you are a vegan. Make sure always have healthy breakfast while travelling!

Vegan travel code pod hostels

Learn important phrases

If you stay at CoDE Pod Hostels, no worries that we all speak English. You might be in that land of paradise where you don’t speak their language. It happens. But what you can do is learn names of basic food items, so that you don’t stand clueless at your hotel, shop or restaurant. Learn to ask questions like “Is there egg/fat/meat in this dish?” in their language. One, you impress them by speaking their language, and two, they will feel proud to assist you since you are health conscious.

 Vegan travel code pod hostels


 Use social media

When you plan your travel, be sure to use hashtags on social sites such as Instagram to search for destinations ideal for vegans. For example, #glutenfree, #vegantravel, etc. It can save you the trouble of having a worrisome trip. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or Instagram #CoDEPodHostels to know more about our new vegan menu at THE CoURT this summer!

Vegan travel code pod hostels

Chat with other vegans

If you are booking a room in Airbnb, ask the owner if you can use their kitchen to cook your own food. This can save you a lot of time, effort and money by searching for vegan hotels/restaurants that might not be available for miles in that area. Always remember that there are other vegans in the world, or just near you. So, form a group or join one online. Share and ask for experiences about their vegan travel. Get together sometime for a vegan dinner.

Vegan travel code pod hostels

Vegan treats are good

Even vegans crave for something sweet once in a while during a long journey. Carry a ziplock bag of chocolates, ginger chews or granola bars to please your taste buds!

Heads up to our accommodation team

It always helps to inquire with the accommodation service team well in advance, let us know what and how they should be prepared for. Ask about what we provide in the complimentary breakfast menu on that day. You might want some fresh fruits, vegetable salad, soymilk, etc. If they are not on our menu, you are free to bring your own vegan food and store them in the fridge.

You also might want to ask if they have any showpieces or room decorations that offends you as a vegan, please definitely let us know!! If so, we will remove them as soon as possible. Please help us by letting us know your preferences as a vegan so that we can cater to you and to future vegan travellers better. 

Vegan travel code pod hostels


Let us know

So, let us know what you think about these tips to prepare for a comfortable vegan journey. Which one did you find useful and might think about taking forward? Please let us know by leaving a message on Instagram #CoDEPodHostels or texting us directly via Facebook:

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