the best coffee in dublin

Here at Jacobs Inn, we rely pretty heavily on our daily dose of caffeine.  When you drink as many lattes, cappuccinos and espressos as we do, you learn a few things along the way.  We’ve scoured the city for the best cup of coffee within walking distance of the hostel – because let’s be real, who wants to handle public transit before their first coffee?


1 – jacobs inn


Just like any meal or drink, it always tastes better when it’s free.  While our freshly brewed drip coffee hasn’t won any awards, it’s the best way to get your gears going for the daily walking tour or when you have a morning of exploration ahead.  Available free during breakfast hours, and for purchase at the front desk the rest of the day and night (for when you need a kick for the daily pub crawl!)



2 – laine, my love


Oh, how we’re in love with laine, my love.  Their smooth, fruity roasts make for the perfect latte and the fantastic display of baked goods can make any mouth water.  We are also firm believers that their massive sausage rolls are the best in the city – seasoned to absolute perfection and the flaky pastry melts our hearts.  They use only the best Roasted Brown beans and their attention to detail, whether it’s the decoration on the cakes or the temperature of the steamed milk, means that every order is sheer perfection.  Did we mention they’re also only 50m from our door? Get there early, this café is only open 7-3 during the weekdays.




3 – bear market ifsc


Heading away from the bustle of town and towards the upscale area of the Dublin Docks, bear markethas a great sunlit location just past Connolly Station.  The large windows and glass front give it an open, airy feel that’s perfect for people watching while you sip their fantastic coffee.  There’s a great flowchart behind the counter that guides new coffee drinkers to the perfect brew and a long counter with small but delicious snacks.  The baristas are always happy to chat about their beans and brews – it’s worth picking the brains of the truly knowledgeable staff!  Open weekdays from 7am – 4pm.


bear market


4 – shoe lane


Bigger doesn’t always mean better.  shoe lane is tucked away from the hustle and bustle but it’s still on your way to everything south of the river: Trinity College, Temple Bar, and St. Stephen’s Green.  With an unassuming sitting area that’s decorated with stunning old sewing machines and shoe making materials, this café is not only serving delicious coffee, it’s serving some serious charm.  They serve only single origin beans from Full City Roasters and boast a wide variety of dairy-free options to suit the veg-friendly and cappuccino-crazed.  They boast one of the smoothest iced nitro brews we’ve ever had on a sunny day, and a pretty strong selection of vegan pastries that will compliment any drink choice.  Shoe Lane is open early for the early risers; from 6:30AM – 6:30PM on weekdays and 8AM – 6PM on Saturdays to make sure you never miss an espresso shot.


shoe lane


5 – the grind howth


Howth is an all-encompassing bundle of charm on the Irish seaside.  This great town is only 20 minutes away on the DART and is perfect to escape the downtown rush.  Nestled in the heart of Howth is the grind – owned by two personal trainers the focus here is great coffee and great food without the guilt.  They whip up protein pancakes to definitely write home about, and brew one heck of a strong cup of joe.  There are vegan friendly options, healthy shakes, and all the pancake toppings you could ever want.  It’s worth the commute to fill your belly and find yourself energized to take the Howth Cliff walk – then when you come back to town you can have seconds! Open 7 days a week for the avid coffee drinker, get there before 4 for a great breakfast to start your day.


grind howth


6 – rascals brewery


Ok, ok.  We know that technically you can get a coffee at rascals, they have a full kitchen and make wicked pizzas – but what we’re after is their Irish Coffee Stout.  After a long day of exploring the city and tasting all the coffee shops mentioned above – you’ll be buzzing and need some winding down.  Anything on tap at Rascals is worth tasting, from their pale ales to their funky special brews like a Lemon Thyme Saison or a Chai Milk Stout.  The Irish Coffee Stout is a hearty coffee-infused milk stout that’s been aged in bourbon barrels and, let’s be real, it’s amazing.  While many tourists want to come and check out Guinness, we also suggest our guests head out to sample the craft brewery scene that is growing here in Dublin.  Rascals even offer a brewery tour that allows you to check out their process, sample their fantastic beers and enjoy some drool-worthy garlic bread.  Open Wednesday to Sunday, 4pm – 10pm on weekdays and 12-10pm on weekends.


rascals brewing beer irish coffee stout inside