Special Offer

Up to 30% off

2021 deal

We can’t wait..

for this year to be over and done with!

To welcome the new year

we are offering a great deal for bookings made for 2021.

Offer is on until 31st of March
so get your booking in!

Two available policies:

  • Flexible, up to 3 days prior arrival
  • Non-refundable

This offer includes:

  • Up to 30% discount
  • Flexible or Non-refundable policy


Our very capable groups department will be able to help you arrange everything for your group. Any group of 8 or more guests falls under our group policies, so please make sure to double check this before you book.

Are you booking for a group of 8-20 guests? Please check our quick booking system to make your reservation at CoDE Pod Hostels. Be sure to book private dorms, to ensure that you are all staying in the same rooms.

Please click the button below, for larger group enquiries or if you’d rather talk to us to arrange everything.

group enquiry form