6 of Edinburgh’s best hot chocolates

As the weather cools, the nights draw in and the leaves begin to fall, we know we’re saying hello to autumn here in Edinburgh – and it’s one of our favourite times of the year! Among the (many) reasons for this is the fact that it becomes totally acceptable to drink hot chocolate anytime, anywhere and on any occasion.

Hot chocolate to warm you up at breakfast? Totally makes sense.

Hot chocolate with whipped cream and a flake to give you that after lunch buzz? Of course.

Hot chocolate to lull you to sleep in the evening? Well, who wouldn’t?

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite spots for the best cups of chocolatey goodness in the city…


Dubbed as the greatest hot chocolate in Edinburgh, this spot has earned quite the reputation over the last few years. While you may expect the menu to be pretty special with the owner being a gelato graduate from the infamous Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy, Mary’s Milk Bar really does take things to the next level. Boasting fresh, ever-changing flavours of hot chocolate including orange & cinnamon and dark chocolate & sea salt, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. Our personal favourite is the hot chocolate ice-cream float which has their incredible gelato dropped into a mug of melting homemade chocolate – and yes, it absolutely is as good as it sounds…

Where: 19 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2HS
Opening times: 11-7pm Weds – Sat | 12-7pm Sundays



This award-winning Italian restaurant and coffee house doesn’t do any crazy flavours or quirky combinations – they stick to the classic hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream on to\p and it is so good. If you’re into a mug that could be mistaken for a bowl and a drink that is 55% cocoa, there’s only one place you’re going to want to head for your hot chocolate hit and that’s Contini.

Where: 103 George St, Edinburgh EH2 3ES
Opening times: 8am – 10pm Mon – Fri | 10am – 10:30pm Sat | 10am – 9pm Sun


If you’re looking for a spot to combine catching up on your emails with a stellar hot chocolate, Brew Lab is your place. As one of the trendiest – and most popular – speciality coffee bars in Edinburgh (you name the equipment, they use it), they are known for high-quality caffeine kicks and their take on a hot chocolate is out of this world too. With their aim to become a home away from home for locals and visitors alike, it’s got a chilled out and friendly vibe and we’d definitely recommend paying a visit.

Where: 6-8 S College St, Edinburgh EH8 9AA
Opening times: 8am – 6pm Mon | 8am – 8pm Tues – Fri | 9am – 8pm Sat  Sun


They say good things come in small packages and Wellington Coffee is just that. This tiny  coffee shop is the perfect place to escape the brisk winds of the city and get cosy with a hot chocolate. Now, we don’t want you to impulsively book a trip based on this (okay, we do…) but to concoct their sweet goodness, they melt bars of Belgium chocolate – wait, is that the sound of a booked trip we hear? As we said, it’s super snug in this cafe so at peak times of the day it may not be easy to get a seat but it’s totally worth the wait…

Where: 33A George St, Edinburgh EH2 2HN
Opening times: 7:30am – 6pm Mon – Fri | 8am – 6pm Sat | 9am – 6pm Sun



Located in New Town, Leo’s Beanery is a cosy, family-run coffee shop and they put a unique twist on their hot chocolate offering. Each cup comes with a circular block of creamy chocolate on a spoon which then melts with each dip into the steaming hot milk. With a warm and friendly vibe, it’s the perfect place to take a break from exploring and relax with a hot mug of the good stuff.

Where: 23A Howe St, Edinburgh EH3 6TF
Opening times:
8am – 5pm Mon – Fri | 9am – 5pm Sat | 9:30am – 5pm Sun



Feeling fancy? Well, there’s only one place for it – and that’s the swanky Hotel Chocolat cafe. With master chocolatiers on hand to rustle up something deliciously sweet, you can take your pick from the classic chocolate or try something more exotic with flavours including salted caramel and chilli (if you dare…). One sip and you can see (and taste) why their cocoa plantation over in St Lucia is a notorious award winner. So, see you there?

Where: 7A Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 2EY
Opening times:
9.30am – 6pm Mon – Fri | 9am – 6pm Sat | 11am – 6pm Sun

So, who’s ready to indulge this autumn and head out on a hunt for the best hot chocolate in Edinburgh? Save some money to spend on chocolate heaven whilst you’re at it and stay in luxury with us at The CoURT