Best places to enjoy a craft beer in Edinburgh

Beer has been brewed in Edinburgh for many years and is probably on the most popular drink in Edinburgh. There are many micro-breweries and Free Houses in Edinburgh where a great range of local, national and international craft beer can be tasted.

Here you will find the insider tips where it’s best to try out some beers!

Andrew Usher & Co

Andrew Usher & Co (or simply “Ushers”) is our absolute favorite bar to try out a few new beers. It’s located near the meadows in the south of Edinburgh. Besides the beer from their own brewery, they serve a wide selection of bottled craft beers and they have an always changing selection of beers and ales on draft. Check the current selection of draft beers on their website.

Usher’s Of Edinburgh
32 West Nicolson Street
Edinburgh EH8 9DD


BrewDog originates from Aberdeen where the first pub was opened in 2010 and one year later BrewDog Edinburgh opened its doors in Cowgate. The pub has an industrial look to it with touches of stainless steel, reclaimed wood, and redbrick walls.  They have their own beers on draft, like the famous Punk IPA. But they also have a changing selection of guest draft beers. Check their website for the current beers on draft.

BrewDog Edinburgh
143 Cowgate
Edinburgh, EH1 1JS

The Hanging Bat

The Hanging Bat is a great little bar to enjoy a craft beer. They are probably the only bar in Edinburgh to not serve pints. They believe the beers are better represented in a smaller size, and right they are! They are dedicated to present the finest beers from the UK but have a wide range of international beers as well. They also organise brew-days and beer tastings, check their website to request more info.

The Hanging Bat
133 – 135 Lothian Road
Edinburgh, EH3 9AD