How Feng Shui can get you Good Sleep in a Pod Hostel?

For many years now, pod hotels have become one of the most innovative and practical accommodation solutions in Japan. From workers and tourists, these basic capsules allow people to sleep on single beds on an individual pod, sleeping modules designed to spend the night after a long day. The capsule hostels in other countries often have several outlets for electronic devices, showers, separate luggage racks and community restrooms for men and women.

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These elements can be perfect for people working some extra hours, and we know they will need to have a safe and restful sleep for the next day, so, what is the best way for people to enjoy a night of good sleep in a Japanese-style sleep pod?
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Since Feng Shui is all about creating a perfect energy balance, this ancient art could be the answer. We will review some Feng Shui tips that could potentially benefit sleeping patterns when you sleep in a Japanese-style pod. 

1. Cleanliness and Order.

One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui resides on having clean, minimalist and fresh spaces. This means a tidy sleeping pod can represent an amazing opportunity to have a great and safe sleeping experience. Our sleeping patterns can be improved by resting in a neat capsule without unnecessary decorations that don’t contribute much and creating positive energies flowing into a tidy pod. Having grounding and balanced energy on both sides of the pod is very important for a good Feng Shui bed placement, that conveys peace, harmony and good vibes, like water.

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2. Light is vital.

Feng Shui aims to create full of harmony, positive atmospheres with the purpose to improve the lives of people. Natural light is something that can help us achieve this feel, however, Japanese style pods find it difficult to obtain it. The sleeping pods are mainly used for sleep and natural light is blocked out, then you can counter it with the LED lights inside of the pods since light represents the fire element, one of the five elements that bring harmony and balance to every space. In that case, find a way to illuminate the sleep pods with blue or white lights in order to generate a peaceful and harmonic atmosphere before sleeping.

code pod hostel beds, capsule hostel in edinburgh, capsule hostel in dublin

3. Bathrooms generators of positive energy.

Although the bathroom is a place that has been traditionally marked as negative by the constant leakage of energy due to drains and moving water, it is also considered as a way to enhance the wellness of its users, as a way of detoxing, renewing Chi and clean your spirit. In order to take the best Feng Shui of it, use earth colours such as white, black or blue shades. Don’t forget to keep the bathroom tidy and clean, this is the first key to make energies flow. : )

code pod hostel washroom, capsule hostel in edinburgh, capsule hostel in dublin

Having a power shower before sleep will contribute to restoring some energy from you. Water and natural minerals will help you reject all the negative weight you accumulated during the day and will make you have an incredibly positive repairing sleeping session. Next day you will be unstoppable in your trip! 

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