top 5 places to hide from the rain in dublin

We know that when it gets to this time of the year, Ireland’s weather isn’t exactly it’s strong point. However, when in doubt, do as the Irish do. We don’t let the rain stop us from having fun and getting on with life so why should you? Especially when you only have a short visit to Ireland’s moist green shores!

Dublin is a sprawling metropolis of hideaways and not all of them involve beer, although we must admit, some of the best ones truly do!

1 – the oriental tea gardens

Walking through these doors, you might be mistaken for walking into a Chinese tropical paradise. With a vast selection of teas to try and some Hooka Pipes to puff one, this is one place that you can kill a few hours while the outside world decides to dry up!

2 – the clockwork door

This is a rather cool dynamic for a cafe. It’s more of a place you can hang out for a few hours without the need to get boozed up. They have all you can drink tea, coffee, toast, biscuits, board games, retro gaming consoles, movie rooms and so much more. You simply just pay for the time that you want to spend there. Great place to catch up with friends and you won’t spend a fortune like you would in a bar!

3 – token

This is a mecca for all you retro gamers out there who never really grew up in side. Here you can stroll inside, helps yourself to an extensive list of craft beers and delicious food while you hit the gaming arcades. Think Pac Man, Tekken, old school pinball machines, tournaments and side scrollers and shooters. Watch the hours whittle away. It’s only a short Luas ride and walk from Jervis too so you’re not a million miles away from anything.

4 – pmacs

Ok, I’m being biased here because this is literally my favourite bar in Dublin. Imagine candles, craft beers, private booths, old church style furniture, 1920’s artifacts but with a very modern feel. Bar men come with large beards, the bar girls some with some fun sass and the people who come through are all shapes and sizes!

5 – jacobs inn

That’s right, we are plugging ourselves. Why? Well for a start there are 407 beds in the building which means you are always surrounded by backpackers, don’t be shy to walk up with some beers and get a buddy to join you for a drink. We are BYOB after all. Also, we have Wifi throughout he building so you can catch up on some work and have hot desks in the common area that you can use too. Not to mention movie nights, large board games and a massive kitchen area for you to whip up yourself a nice meal before hitting the town for a night out!

There you have it. Have all the fun in the world without ever having to get a drop of rain on your head!

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